About Intenda Net

Intenda Net is an IT company from Zagreb focused on developing their own software solutions.

We are the market since 2006. year. The company consists of a team of programmers, system designers and management whose expertise and experience classify Intenda Net as a reliable and desirable partner or vendor. Potential and quality of the company was recognized by the company RECRO-NET d.o.o. which in April 2011. became the majority owner of the company.

Currently, Intenda Net focused its business on the taxi segment with the new product inTaxi – complex system that meets all the needs of taxi services. The solution consists of hardware and software components integrated into a functional whole, from which to extract taximeter, inTaxi application in the car, dispatch center, and POS/Printer device

The company’s mission is to position itself in the international market as a taxi company that provides high-quality, cost-effective, and what is most important, a complete solution to equip the taxi service. What we strive for is to track innovation and new technology, which guarantees our customers the latest solutions and product durability.

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