Eagle Eye


EAGLEEYE is an IntendaNet implementation of Lawful interception (LI) requirements and standards developed by ETSI.

Lawful interception (LI) is obtaining communications network data pursuant (using network traffic analysis) to lawful authority for the purpose of analysis or evidence. Such data generally consist of signaling or network management information or, in fewer instances, the content of the communications. If the data is not obtained in real-time, the activity is referred to as access to retained data (data retention).

Main features:

• Active and passive mapping methods for traffic analysis
• Distributed architecture
• web based solution management and monitoring
• network protocols analyzed and retained: DATA per ETSI-TS 102-232 set (RADIUS, DHCP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LAYER 2&3 services), VOICE(SIP, H.323), HTTP, FTP

Web management console:

Web management console is used for EAGLEEYE solution management/monitoring/statistics.

Main features:
• Pre-configuration of distribution logic
• Component configuration
• Distribution execution monitoring (alerts)
• Server status (load) monitoring (alerts)
• Statistics